What Is Reggie Weed — And Should You Smoke It?

What is reggie weed? Reggie weed on green background

What is reggie weed and why you probably should by something else?

In a nutshell, reggie weed just stands for regular weed. Since cannabis became legalized in Canada, people have more options to choose from, so most people shouldn’t have an excuse to use reggie weed.

What Is Reggie Weed?

Reggie weed is a slang term for regular weed.  If you ever ask people what this term means, most people will have confused looks on their faces. If you smoke it, you’re going to be disappointed in the taste, texture, and smell. 

There’s no reason to go for reggie unless you have no other options for getting high. The cannabis industry in Canada is well ahead of reggie weed and there’s no point smoking something that isn’t the best in quality.  

Before legalization, more people smoked it, but after Canadian legalization in 2018, people are finally able to grow their own weed or purchase it from legal dispensaries. Now that you have access to great products, you don’t have to smoke reggie weed any longer. 

Reggie is low-grade cannabis that should only be used as a last resort because even those who aren’t looking for the highest quality can find better strains than reggie weed. There are a number of approved dispensaries where you can purchase your high-quality weed without having to worry about it being illegal. 

Online mail-order services also allow Canadians to easily order their weed without having to go anywhere near reggie weed ever again. So why settle for reggie weed when the cannabis industry in Canada is far more advanced than such a simple thing? 

The Canadian government has put a great deal of time into figuring out how to regulate the production and distribution of cannabis to keep Canadians safe. Regrettably, some retailers may sell reggie weed due to a lack of knowledge about proper weed quality standards. 

The History Of Reggie Weed

Basically, we’re talking about a mix of shake, poor-quality weed, and stems. Reggie weed is a colloquial term for weed that is cheap and low quality with an unpleasant taste, texture, and smell. It may be appealing because it doesn’t cost as much as other strains, but what you’re getting out of it isn’t worth it. 

In general, if you’re looking for affordability or just getting started smoking cannabis, reggie might seem like a good option. But don’t fall for its trap – if you want quality and affordable cannabis products, stay away from it! 

There are many reasons why people buy this type: they can’t afford anything better; they can only find this on the black market, or they know about its reputation and choose to use something lesser than others in their social group. 

Regardless of your reasons for buying, the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to reggie weed. For example, more often than not, this lower-quality weed will contain fewer cannabinoids compared to top-shelf weed.

Dispensaries have come a long way throughout the past few years. Many offer discounts for memberships or promotions where customers who subscribe get 10% off every purchase. Consumers who prefer purchasing online will receive expedited delivery from an online dispensary company with overnight delivery service available too. 

When it comes to choosing between proper cannabis in a dispensary and reggie weed, there really isn’t any competition.

The Taste, Texture, And Smell Of Reggie Weed

Reggie weed tastes and smells lower in quality than premium weed. The texture can be more crumbly and dryer than the moist, sticky buds that we’re used to. This often leads people to smoke more of it at a time which can lead to increased health risks or create an issue with getting high off a smaller amount. 

Some users report that reggie weed tastes and smells like stale skunk and pine needles. THC levels may be lower in reggie weed than many of the other higher-quality types of weed on the market.  

How Do You Spot Reggie Weed?

Reggie weed looks brownish-green in color, smells like earthy hay, and has a leafy stem mixed into it, chances are it’s reggie weed. If you’ve been using marijuana for years, even greenish-brown buds with an earthy aroma could be called reggie. 

Reggie weed looks old, faded, and unappealing compared to premium weed. There are a few ways to spot it.

The first method is by looking at the price. Reggie weed typically costs less than cannabis that has been properly grown and harvested; it’s cheaper because it’s poorly grown and harvested. 

The potency levels in reggie cannabis are much lower than they would be in proper premium products. Reggie weed also tends to look much different than high-quality strains of marijuana due to its dusty appearance, brown hue, and dry leaves which can cause throat irritation when smoked. 

If you’re unsure about whether or not your weed is really just not that good, take a sniff of your product before you buy it. If it smells like hay or grass instead of the sweet floral scent associated with cannabis flowers, then you know what you’re getting into. 

The Pros And Cons Of Reggie Weed

The cheap cost of reggie weed is one of its benefits. You can buy a gram for as low or even under $10, depending on your region. For those who are just starting out with weed or have a tight budget, this could be a good option. 

As mentioned, the consistency varies but the most common type has a crumbly texture that ranges from light brown to dark brown. The taste can also vary; some people report it as tasting like fresh grass while others find it tastes more like dirt or potting soil. 

But what really determines the taste is how it was grown and cured – two things that are different in every batch of premium weed! If you’re not sure what kind of cannabis you’re smoking, look at the seeds: if they’re small and hard then you know it’s most likely reggie. 

Other warning signs are old-looking leaves and budless stems (as well as strains that don’t match up). If you’ve been around the block enough times to know all these warning signs, there might be no need to continue using this inferior product when there are so many other great options out there.

Should You Avoid Reggie Weed?

Reggie weed should be a last resort for those on a budget or those with no other options. If you’re looking to explore cannabis products, it’s always best to visit a dispensary. 

If you’re looking for a potent high that’ll taste good and give you a fantastic trip, then this type weed should be avoided. While the minimal costs of reggie weed might be attractive, you’ll find yourself having to smoke more than you would in comparison to premium weed.

Most reggie weed is grown outdoors without many supplies. There isn’t anything wrong with growing cannabis outdoors, but reggie weed is typically grown in pots by people that don’t have much experience in growing it.

Effects Of Reggie Weed

The effects of reggie weed are less desirable for those who want to get high because it has a small amount of THC content in it.  Reggie weed’s low quality will result in an unpleasant experience when smoking the drug, unlike the experiences provided by premium marijuana from dispensaries. 

It can’t be stressed enough that there is no reason to use reggie cannabis if you have other options, like cannabis from a dispensary. If you do end up smoking some reggie weed that was made by your friend then just make sure not to set your hopes too high.

Final Thoughts

While reggie weed might be a cheaper option compared to weed from a dispensary, it’s not a great way to introduce yourself to the cannabis industry. There are far better products out there, and purchasing reggie weed might set you off in the wrong direction or completely turn you off cannabis consumption altogether.

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