Activated Charcoal Smoking Filters For Cannabis Consumption

Activated Charcoal Smoking Filters For Cannabis Consumption

What are Activated Charcoal Filters? Charcoal weed filters, otherwise known as activated carbon filters, are filters similar to the tips of cigarettes. They absorb and reduce carcinogens from joints, such as carbonyl compounds. 

How Do Charcoal Filters for Weed Work?

These filters contain charcoal, which is composed of carbon. As smoke travels through the filter, pollutants bind to the charcoal. Harmful toxic chemicals, like nicotine or tar, and unwanted odors will filter through the charcoal. 

Using a filter makes smoking cannabis less dangerous and more pleasant for you and those around you. 

Will Activated Charcoal Weed Filters reduce THC?

In a word, no.

Carbon weed filters are efficacious at filtering out undesired molecules. However, because of the size and weight of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) molecules, they can get caught in the filter.

The minimal loss of THC is a worthwhile trade-off for eliminating many harmful molecules. 

Will a Weed Filter Remove All Carcinogens?

Again, no. A charcoal weed filter will not remove every undesired toxin and carcinogen.

Activated charcoal weed filters are not perfect. The small size of carcinogens like carbon monoxide means they will pass through the filter. 

Should I Use a Charcoal Weed Filter?

Inhaling smoke is an unhealthy practice. The use of carbon weed filters means to make smoking healthier. 

The practice will minimize carcinogens and toxins, lowering your chances of illness and cancer caused by smoking. It will also filter out some odors, allowing you to make less of a negative impact on those around you.

If you consume cannabis by smoking, it is recommended to use charcoal weed filters. 

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