Guide: How To Make a One Hitter

one hitter

Making a one hitter is easier than it may seem.

If you’re a stoner and consider yourself a marijuana aficionado, chances are if you’re jonesing to toke up but don’t have a pipe or a bong handy, the following will outline how you can be a resourceful dude and “MacGyver” your own One Hitter so you can smoke up.

There are a variety of materials at hand that you can use to learn how to make a one hitter out of a pen or how to make a one hitter out of wood.

Ultimately, the best way to smoke your weed is by using a proper bong or Briar pipe. However, the manufacture of a pipe takes craftsmanship. In making a pipe, you start off with good quality Briar wood. It can be found easily enough on eBay. Once you have your block of wood, you’ll want to draw a basic outline shape for the pipe itself.

You’re going to want to determine where you want the stem to originate from the pipe bowl and at what angle. Will the pipe stem be straight or curved? Once you’re determined that, you’ll then want to know what is the tobacco chamber bowl depth and at what size? Do you want it to be 3/4” of an inch? Ultimately that will be your own personal preference.

Depending upon the circumstance, you may find that you want to make a homemade One Hitter smoke on the go. Naturally, you’ll want something that is discreet and easy to conceal. You’ll also want it to be conveniently easy to pack and that can be made out of household items you can find practically anywhere.

However, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, it must be stressed that you are aware of the health concerns of smoking. Depending upon the materials that you use, certain plastics and thin metals can be made with highly dangerous chemicals that tend to burn off and produce toxic fumes when heated to a high enough temperature. Therefore it is most certainly not recommended smoking any type of plastic or metal if you can avoid it at all costs.

Now with all that being said, probably one of the easiest homemade One Hitters to make is from a pen or marker. To make this One Hitter, you’ll need:

  • Pen or marker;
  • Knife (X-Acto) or scissors;
  • Regular generic lighter;
  • Socket (this is optional).

It doesn’t really matter what type of pen you use. If you’re looking for a sturdy One Hitter, use a pen that has a bit more thickness to it. Not only is it sturdy, but it offers a larger capacity for the weed, thus providing a larger hit. Any regular household pen will work nicely for this purpose. It’s all a matter of your own preference.

For the sake of convenience, if you want a One Hitter that screws apart, you’ll want to look for a pen that has a metal bottom. Not only does it provide room for you to pack your weed in, but you can smoke without worrying about inhaling plastic fumes.

Making this device is as easy as 1 2 3. In this case, we’ll use a metal pen for illustrative purposes.

  1. Unscrew the pen and remove all the internal parts. The top of the pen where you use your thumb to click the pen, this will be the mouthpiece. The bottom end where the ballpoint sticks out to write, this is the part you’ll use as the bowl.
  2. In creating the bowl for your One Hitter, some higher end, better quality metal pens will have a separate tip that unscrews. Unscrew the bottom tip, and turn it upside down, then reinsert it into the bottom of the pen’s cylinder shaft. This tip end will in effect be the bowl of the One Hitter where you add your weed.
  3. Once you have all the parts in place, light the weed as you inhale from the pen’s thumb clicker button at the opposite end.

Now you can make a homemade pipe quickly.

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