What Is a Bubbler Weed?

What Is a Bubbler Weed?

Every cannabis user knows that joints are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enjoying your favourite strains. With today’s modern society, we have plenty of modern ways to consume and even smoke weed. Bongs and pipes are very popular nowadays, but bubblers have spiked in popularity over the past year or so. Considering they’re the perfect mix of a regular pipe and a bong. Not only is it super easy to use, but the experience tends to be very smooth and enjoyable. Recreational and medicinal users have found love for bubblers, but not everyone knows what they are. Fortunately, we’ve put together all the information you’ll need to know about a bubbler. 

Bubbler Basics

In order to get the strong yet incredibly smooth inhales out of a bubbler, the device is essentially a cross between a water-based pipe and the traditional glass pipe. By using percolation and water systems, the smoke is filtered and becomes bong like. 

You may be thinking, why not just use a bong? Well, that’s a simple one to answer. Bong’s tend to be quite large, whereas bubblers are closer to the size of a pipe. Easier to clean, easier to smoke, and easier to keep with you at all times. Nobody’s going to be bringing a bong everywhere they go, but having a bubbler on you at all times is certainly an option. 

What Makes Up a Bubbler?

The anatomy of a bubbler is quite simply in the grand scheme of things. The device consists of a mouthpiece, a carb hole, and a bowl. The bowl on this device is also quite interesting as it is seemingly able to hold a certain amount of water, which essentially acts as a filter for the smoke. Not only does it filter the smoke, but it filters it so that when you inhale the smoke, it’s soft and smooth, rather than harsh and strong. 

How to Use a Bubbler?

To use a bubbler, start by inspecting the chamber to ensure it’s clean. Next, fill it with cold water. Once you’ve done this grab your weed. Pack it into the bubbler’s bowl as though you were packing a bong. This is all you have to do to prepare for your hit. Next, light the bowl, and draw some of the smoke very gently to start things off. 

Tip – If the bubbler you are using has a carb, cover it with a finger when taking your first draw. Once you’ve done this, take your finger away from the carb and enjoy it!

The Pros & Cons 

Starting off with the pros, a bubbler is arguably the best device to have on you when traveling. It’s light, small, and moderately easy to clean. Also, a bubbler is perfect for beginners, as the inhales are very smooth, and the high is still very powerful. Many say that bubblers are the perfect mix of bongs and pipes, and are perfect for beginners because they are incredibly easy to use. Bongs can be large and confusing, whereas bubblers are the exact opposite. 

As for some of the cons, we would have to start by saying that since it’s small you’ll have to clean it a lot more than a regular bong. Not only that but since most bubblers are one-piece, cleaning may not be as easy as a regular bong. Also, the cleaning aspect is the lack of customization. You can switch parts in and out on a bong, but bubblers are just one piece! Lastly, since bubblers are smaller, they tend to burn up a lot faster than the average bong. 

Overall bubblers are a great device and are perfect for beginners. Although the device has its downsides, we believe it’s worth the use due to all of the positive aspects it has. 

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