Weed’s Relationship With Weight Loss And Gain – A Briefing

Weed’s Relationship With Weight Loss And Gain – A Briefing

The relationship between weed and your weight is often debated in the world of weed. Some say that weed actually makes you gain weight due to the common side effect known as the munchies. Others swear that it actually does weed make you lose weight! To provide some more information that may or may not help either side, we’ve put together all the information that is known about whether or not weed makes you lose weight. 


To start off, several studies found that this debate started when a report was released in 2011 stating that of those in their test group, the people who testified as to never having smoked weed had higher rates of obesity. This was then backed up by another report that testing the same theories, just in a younger age group. 

Many people who claim weed makes you gain more weight have refuted these studies, saying they’re outdated and relied on outdated technology and methodologies. However, just last year, a study came out showing that people who smoked weed have significantly lower body mass indexes, otherwise known as BMIs. 

Please note that no causal links were discovered, meaning the studies could all be correct, but no one knows why. There are theories, but no concrete conclusion.


The first theory that is presented in favor of weed making you lose weight is that cannabis makes you more mobile. Many people who suffer from obesity are obese simply because they are unable to burn away that fat. Whether it be injuries or illness, they may be physically unable to lose weight. The weed, however, takes away that pain. Whether it be arthritis or other forms of chronic pain, weed keeps you mobile. In theory, that would suggest the ability to lose weight. 

Another theory is that people who smoke marijuana are far less likely to consume large amounts of alcohol because the buzz they’re after is already present. This means a large number of calories you consume from the beer would no longer be present. 

A promising theory is that weed actually reduces stress significantly. One of the most common ways to cope with stress is eating. The term comfort food is quite literal, as millions of people around the world actually find comfort in food. When that coping method is no longer needed, people would, in theory, be able to lose weight. 

Weed may increase metabolism, but it hasn’t been fully proven by the scientific community yet. Therefore, this theory isn’t widely accepted.

To summarize these theories, it seems as though the weed may eliminate or reduce the actions that lead to weight gain, rather than the weight gain itself. 

The Munchies Argument

Many refute that above theory saying that even though those things may be true, it’s hard to deny that munchies are a common side effect of smoking weed. A study was recently done in the US that showed junk food sales were highest in states that had legalized marijuana? Some say it’s a coincidence, others say it’s proof.

Some researchers claim that the two main elements of cannabis, THC, and CBD, are responsible for weight loss. On the one hand, THC has been known to increase hunger in users, but CBD tends to neutralize that hunger. Certain strains have different levels of both, making the science quite complex, and the research is not yet complete. 

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be enough concrete evidence to suggest that weed is good for weight loss. It may reduce factors that lead to weight gain, but the potential harm of smoking weed is much bigger. Weed smoking releases harmful toxins like tobacco, making it not as healthy as believed. Edibles and CBD oil are always an option, however. For a strong conclusion to be available, more research is definitely needed. 

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