What Does The Term 420-Friendly Mean In Canada?

420 friendly in hand gestures meaning

420 friendly meaning, in hand gestures

What does 420-friendly mean? Depending on where you’re located around the world, this can have different meanings. For Canadians, 420-friendly means that you’re safe and free to use cannabis on the premises.

The Term 420-Friendly Can Have Different Meanings

In cannabis culture, 420-friendly is a term typically used to describe businesses and places that are cannabis-friendly. These businesses may offer products or services that cater to people who consume cannabis recreationally or medicinally.  

Businesses can also be considered 420-friendly if they don’t have any explicit policies against marijuana use on the premises. As of October 17, 2018, Canadians over the age of 19 can legally purchase recreational cannabis from authorized retailers across the country. 

A place being 420-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean it offers cannabis products exclusively; instead it means there’s no outright prohibition against consuming marijuana at this location. 

There are many ways in which Canadians can engage with cannabis now that it’s legal: finding a safe space to smoke outside, enjoying weed edibles in your home (assuming you have access), or participating in public celebrations like 4/20 (April 20). 

What Does 420 Mean In General?

420 is a code term used to refer to.. well, smoking weed. It has become an international phenomenon, with celebrations and traditions in many countries around the world. 

The number 420 represents April 20th (4/20) A day recognized throughout the U.S. as Cannabis Day, which marks its origins as part of a group called the Waldos searching for an abandoned cannabis crop near Point Reyes during their high school days back in 1971. 

The Waldos picture of the whole group that originated the term 420

The Waldos. Image credits: 420waldos.com

By the way, they have a whole 420 Waldos website dedicated to their story and the documented proof of it. 

They would meet every day at 4:20 pm at their designated spot to smoke what they found and after some months had passed they began using 4:20 pm as a synonym for smoking pot while they were searching. 

In modern times, we recognize 420 as being not just about smoking pot but also about celebrating cannabis culture as well To be truly, 420-friendly means that you’re welcoming of people regardless of whether or not they smoke weed or not. 

Whether they want to cook up edibles, dab, or simply sit back and watch TV. You should be able to freely share with anyone your passion for the cannabis industry without judgment. 

420-Friendly Labels On Commercial Buildings

Most likely, you’ll see 420-friendly labels in the following places:

  • Liquor stores;
  • Cigarette shops;
  • Bars and restaurants;
  • Grocery stores;
  • Supermarkets.

The whole idea is deeply ingrained in the cannabis business in Canada — as well as in the United States. And sometimes it’s more than just a sign. For example, there’s a 4:20 Friendly cannabis dispensary in Spokane, WA:

420 friendly dispensary in Spokane sign on the building

4:20 Friendly dispensary sign on their building. Image credits: four-twentyfriendly.com

In addition to that really beautiful logo design — they have an excellent score from reviews: check out 4:20 Friendly dispensary profile.

420-Friendly Labels On Products

There are also some companies using 420-friendly labels on products to show if they contain CBD. This label has been used by the non-profit organization Project CBD, which has been working with producers, manufacturers, and retailers for years to improve labeling practices related to cannabis.

The purpose of the label is to help consumers easily identify products that are safe and effective for their needs. When you see “420-friendly” on a product, you know it’s made with organic hemp or plant-based CBD oil; contains no THC, and was produced in accordance with federal regulations.

420-friendly labels are a good way to tell consumers that they won’t be penalized if they choose to buy products that contain marijuana.

The label also shows whether the product contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. A lot of cannabis products have labels that say “no THC” or “low THC” on them, which can be confusing for consumers who want to know what type of product they are consuming.

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