What is the Best Time of The Day to Smoke Cannabis?

What is the Best Time of The Day to Smoke Cannabis?

Smoking cannabis can potentially help make certain parts of the day more bearable and enjoyable. Certain types of cannabis also have the ability to help you prepare for all that tomorrow will bring. 

If you’re ever a little unsure about if a “wake-and-bake” is in your wheelhouse, or perhaps if taking a few hits before bedtime is going to affect your sleep negatively, then let’s take a trip through the entire day to find out.

Morning Phase

A lot of cannabis smokers start their day off immediately with a toke or twelve. According to many, consuming cannabis right after getting out of bed can contribute to a better acclimation for what the day brings. There is reportedly less stress regarding the day’s tasks, and your heightened awareness can be beneficial for any focusing on those tasks. 

Sativa-dominant strains for AM

Just like how coffee can stimulate the blood and brain so too can sativa-dominant cannabis strains. The ability of sativa strains to help motivate, energize, and uplift is why consuming in the morning or during the day is their best and most-used application. 

Committing yourself to your morning routine – whether it be work, commute, exercise, etc–is elevated to an achievable level that very often includes a big smile on your face. 

Many sativa strains of cannabis contain a variety of terpenes, however choosing those with higher levels of myrcene and limonene can potentially contribute to a greater energizing effect. Choose classic sativas like Trainwreck and Durban Poison–each with potent, heady effects. 

Combining cannabis with caffeine– like a cup of coffee in the morning– is a great combination of uplifting forces that can get you going. Just be sure to not consume too much coffee to avoid the jitters and a big crash later in the day.

Afternoon Delight

Keeping all of that productivity chugging along like a fast train does require some upkeep. Lunchtime is fuel for the rest of the day, so being sure to consume a nutritious meal at this time (and in the morning and evening) is vital to maintaining homeostasis. 

After you have finished your delicious and nutritious lunch, you can contribute to your productivity, focus, and motivation with another pick-me-up of sativa-dominant cannabis to help get you across the finish line of another workday. 

Smoke sativa-dominant strains like Bruce Banner, Jack Herer, Blue Dream or most Sour Diesel crosses to potentially get an effect similar to a cup of coffee, but with potentially more body relief, less jitters, and less crash at the end of the day. 

In the Evening

When the productivity of the work day segues into the darkening eveningtime, depending on what you have on your agenda, it’s often best to make a switch from heady sativa strains to indica-dominant hybrid strains like Gorilla Glue or GSC crosses. 

These types of strains can therapeutically impact stresses on the body and mind more so than sativas, potentially putting smokers in a state of much-needed relaxation at the end of the day. 

If you lead a busy life, you may want to still opt for sativa-dominant strains like those mentioned above to possibly aid with any other tasks you still find yourself tackling in the evening such as a part-time job, or hitting the gym.

Cannabis strains containing higher levels of cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) can also potentially help with stress, pain, and relaxation at the end of a long day. 

Dream On

Getting a good night’s sleep is paramount in order to achieve proper productivity the next day. That’s why choosing the right types of cannabis strains to help aid in proper sleep routines is just as important. 

Some strains have the ability to knock some people out for the count like Iron Mike. Being able to recharge properly means undisturbed, REM-rich sleep–so be sure to incorporate pure indica strains or hybrids that are mostly indica-dominant to do so. 

These can include Grandaddy Purple, Purple Punch, and various Kush crosses. They can often provide a heavy, narcotic feeling that puts consumers in a state of rest.

CBN for Sleep

Also able to be incorporated into a successful sleep pattern, are strains and supplements high in cannabinol (CBN). Procuring CBN-rich cannabis is often difficult, so a great way to incorporate this special cannabinoid is to seek out any of the many supplement or gummy options that trusted manufacturers sell online. CBN is known for its ability to potentially complement a restful night’s slumber to its max. Nevertheless more scientific evidence is still needed to completely support this claim. [1]

A Day in the Life

However your day presents itself, know that there are many different options, products, and strains that are available to adults to help maximize it and to take it down considerably as well. 

No matter which time of day you choose to boost your own personal productivity, daily routine, or sleep health, be sure to use in moderation and purchase from trusted brands, vendors, and dispensaries. 


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