How To Use CBD Oil For Erectile Dysfunction

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In America, erectile dysfunction affects over 30 million Americans overall ages. It can be a psychological or physiological issue, as well as a combination of both in some instances. Those who are 50 and over will generally have a greater risk of ED, along with individuals with heart disease or are suffering from obesity.

While this issue can be treated through prescription medication and psychotherapy depending on why the problem has manifested, CBD has also emerged as a way to enhance sex while also making it less painful and more satisfying among both parties. With this in mind, the question of whether or not CBD rich cannabis oil over some other those benefits to aid men in overcoming their battle with erectile dysfunction?

One of the main root causes of erectile dysfunction is anxiety. According to several studies, Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD in higher doses has been shown to reduce anxiety. As such, it stands to reason that oil that is rich in CBD may be a good option for men that are having issues with erectile dysfunction because it can help them to relax. Thus, in certain situations, CBD can aid men with their ED for a short time when it is needed in a pinch.

Notably, some research has shown that consuming too much marijuana can actually contribute to erectile dysfunction despite the fact that it can actually increase your sexual desire.

More Research on the Subject

How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction? There has recently been more research on how to manage the psychological symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction over the physiological symptoms. In many of these studies, CBD had been found to effectively decrease the individual’s anxiety levels. The majority of these studies were done with broad or full-spectrum CBD oil, but CBD isolated that have little THC or other compounds can also provide beneficial effects. However, with CBD being a large portion of the cannabis plant, weed in and of itself can help deal with the symptoms of ED.

In terms of the psychological factors relating to erectile dysfunctions, performance anxiety, in particular, seems to be a contributor. Stoner, a licensed clinical psychologist review conducted in 2017 by the University of Washington supported the idea that marijuana is able to lower the amount of anxiety. However, Stoner also found that increased amounts of THC can actually result in the opposite effect, increasing rather than decreasing anxiety levels. Thus, it is advisable to utilize oil that is rich in CBD rather than THC.

Moreover, a 2018 Journal of Affective Disorders study determined that weed can lower not only anxiety but also depression and stress for a short while. With this information in mind, for men that are not interested in taking and medications for a long period of time, but rather treat their erectile dysfunction on a situational basis, CBD may be a viable option.

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As mentioned obesity can be another factor that can contribute to erectile dysfunction. A 2012 study the Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper article called “Cannabis Could Be Used to Treat Obesity-Related Diseases” mentioned that CBD on its own, but especially when being paired with Tetrahydrocannabivarin is able to aid in diseases such as ED that are a result of obesity. Richard Gray, a science correspondent, found that the THCV and CBD together were able to suppress appetite in individuals that are overweight.

As expected, this means that these two compounds combined can have the result of eating less due to the lack of appetite that they provide and help individuals lose weight. Given this, broad-spectrum products containing CBD and THCV can aid in alleviating obesity.

Even without both compounds together, cannabis use on its own is associated with having a lower BMI, diabetes, and various metabolic diseases. This is because CBD is still either the first or second most prominent ingredient in most marijuana plants. Once again, with these lower BMI rates among marijuana users means there are lower rates of being overweight, which can indirectly also help with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Expert Opinion

A certified sex educator by the name of Diana Urman contends that CBD can indeed decrease levels of sexual anxiety. In an interview with HuffPost in 2018, Urman stated that when using CBD, many people claim to feel more adventurous as well as spontaneous, and are more sensitive to touch while being more engaged and sensual which can enhance the overall experience. As such, erectile dysfunction can be reduced with the use of CBD as individuals are less likely to be anxious and more willing be in the moment and stay out of their own heads to a greater degree.

While there is no guarantee that you will experience these results, oil that is rich in CBD can still be an option that is worth trying for men that are dealing with performance anxiety that inhibits them in bed and can contribute to erectile dysfunction. This is especially true due to the fact that CBD does not come with some of the adverse side effects of prescription drugs.

The chief medical officer at HelloMD, Dr. Perry Solomon in a Men’s Journal article back in 2016 claimed that with the lack of side effects of CBD that has been dosed properly in comparison to other ED medications such as Viagra. If CBD is able to enhance relaxation and make you feel better in a way that makes it more enjoyable, that is more than enough.

Overall Conclusions

All in all, some studies do suggest that CBD can aid those with ED, but more research still needs to be done. Ultimately, making healthy life choices, with or without CBD can do a lot to improve mood and possibly help reduce ED symptoms.

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