How to choose the best weed grinder?

How to choose the best weed grinder?

Many people are new to the world of cannabis and ignore the importance of grinders, even though it is one of the most important things that you need to have. In many ways, it makes your life easier! If you want high-quality weed smoke, a grinder is no more just a comfort. It is essential! It is a must-have!

These 5 best herb grinders, most of them with four pieces to grind bud, sift pollen, and store the results correctly.

What is a weed grinder?

An herb grinder, also known as a weed or marijuana or cannabis grinder, is a small tool with sharp edges that can be used to grind herbs, tobacco, marijuana, such as a dub strain, and other little plant material. It can have 1 to 3 elements and is usually made of wood, metal, or acrylic.

Before herb grinders, people had to use scissors or their fingers to crush the herb. This makes their hands smell like weed or other herbs. With CNC machining, improvements are frequently seen in herb grinders that make herb grinders a superb and neat tool for any herb fan.

What are the benefits of a weed grinder?

If you do not still buy an herb grinder or you do not think or you do not need one, here are some of the advantages that can prove you that you need it:

Enhanced Quality of Marijuana:

Possibly this is the finest thing to have a grinder of herbs. The grinder will enhance the flavour and aroma of your weed. The thing that cannot be released with your fingers alone will be unlocked.

Increased Potency:

For more potency of cannabis, using a weed grinder will also be helpful. Whether you are going to swallow, vaporize, or smoke the weed, but you want a better start, grind it first.

What you need to know before buying a grinder

When judging the quality of an herb grinder, there are many things to look for. Some of these are the following:

  •  Number and shape of grinding teeth;
  • The number of pieces a grinder has;
  • The material of the grinder;
  • Extras like lid magnets etc.

Herb grinder’s teeth 

This is the one that really grinds the marijuana, which directly influences the quality of the product. The more teeth are present in a grinder, the grinding performance is better.

Aside from the number of teeth in a grinder, another important thing is its shape. It will be best to choose a grinder with diamond-shaped teeth.

Number of pieces an herb grinder has

  1. Two-Piece Grinders: Also known as a one-compartment grinder, this is the basis of the three. There is a single compartment where the weed will be ground and retrieved. It has many disadvantages, such as changeability and difficulty retrieving the weed when you grind.
  2. Three-Piece Grinders: On the other hand, the two-piece compartment herb grinder has one compartment at the top where you will place the weed and another compartment at the bottom for its retrieval. This allows the separation of the weed based on its size.
  3. Four-Piece Grinders: This is more advanced than three pieces; it is also called a three-compartment grinder. It is known for its ability to collect even kief and pollen, making it the perfect choice for the most aware users

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