Everything You Need To Know About Tarantula Joints

Tarantula joints are an interesting way to consume cannabis. Not only are they impressive to smoke around friends, but they’re fun to roll and craft!

Tarantula joints, also known as tarantula leg joints are an epic way to get high. Regular joints typically only use ground up weed, but Tarantulas use ground up weed, concentrates extracts, and kief. So, does it mean the tarantula joint price is higher? The resulting product is one hell of a strong joint. Nowadays, people run towards bongs or vape pens because they’re easy to use, but let’s be honest, they’re not as fun as the good ole days of smoking a hot joint. On the other hand, maybe the act of rolling a joint just isn’t fun anymore. Well, for the people that enjoyed joints but are bored of simply rollers, you’re going to love this.

People call these joints tarantula joints because they actually look like tarantulas. No, they don’t have a crazy amount of legs, but they’re hairy looking! Don’t worry, it’s not actual hair. The outer coating of kief just makes it look like hair. This persona gives the joint a spider-like appearance. Some may even be frightened at the sight because it looks so similar. I suppose what we’re trying to say is that this joint is not for the faint of heart!

This particular style of joint may not be ideal for beginners because they’re very strong. Each component is strong on its own, but when put together like in this joint, they’re even stronger. With this guide, you’ll learn how to roll your own tarantula joint, as well as learn all about each and every component.

Do keep in mind that you can probably find tarantula joints for sale online, but we think it’s just easier to make them on your own (we expand on this a little later on). With all that said and done, let’s get right into it.

Making A Tarantula Joint

People compare this type of joint to a loaded baked potato. It contains all the goodies that are typically good on their own. Bacon, sour cream, cheese, various veggies, and more. In this case, everything is cannabis-related (obviously), but the point still stands.

First of all, your tarantula joint is, of course, going to be loaded with regular ground up marijuana. When making them yourself we recommend just choosing your favorite strain. We don’t necessarily stand by the argument that one strain is better than others for this particular type of joint. After adding plenty of ground-up marijuana, you’re going to want to add extract or concentrate. For those that aren’t familiar with what these terms mean, they simply refer to a very strong form of cannabis. Concentrates are essentially large amounts of weed compacted into a very dense and small form. Extracts are when you take all the best parts of the plant and compress them in the same way you do with concentrates. Typically the two words are used interchangeably. For your tarantula joint, use either. Examples being oils, dabs, and even wax. It’s really up to you which one you use.

When you have both your concentrates and/or extracts combined with the weed, roll up the joint like all of the other joints you’ve ever smoked. Roll the product in CO2 oil. Make sure the exterior is coated generously. Now, for your final step, the role the joint in kief! This is what provides the spider looking appearance! You’ll know you’ve rolled it in enough kief when it looks like a tarantula’s leg!

Where To Get  Some Pre-Made Tarantula Joints

There are two ways to go about getting a tarantula joint. The first we’ve already mentioned! Go out and buy one. You can either find one online or at your local dispensary (maybe, really depends on the business). Typically a pre-wrapped tarantula joint costs about 20 USD, so they won’t break the bank all that much. They may cost less to buy pre-wrapped than the cost of all the materials when putting together.

The second way to go about getting a tarantula joint is by making it yourself (obviously). To do this, you’ll need to get supplies from your local dispensary or online. Make sure you do so within legal means! The supplies you’ll need are as follows. Plenty of rolling paper (although you probably already have plenty). Do be sure to have extra just in case you need to restart. You’ll need to get a weed grinder, as well as your favorite strain of weed. Next, get some cannabis oil, kief (which can be collected using a grinder that has a kief collector), and the concentrate or extract of your choice.

The Effects of Tarantula Joints

As tarantula joints are full of very strong cannabis products, you’re going to get really high. And we mean really high. We don’t recommend using this all the time, as you may have trouble coping with the intense cerebral effects. The THC content in a concentrate alone can be as high as 80%. When mixed with the joint, you can get almost double that.

We recommend you keep this on hand for rainy days, or when you really need relief from some sort of ailment. Whether it be pain relief or mental relief, tarantula joints are sure to numb the pain. A lot of people have actually found relief from stress, anxiety, chronic pain, body aches, and more when smoking this type of joint.

Since this joint is so strong, it’s definitely going to have its fair share of side effects. These effects include dry eyes and dry mouth (as is usual for most joints), dizziness, couch lock, sedation, and the insane urge to sleep (depending on all the strains involved). Also, keep in mind that you’re going to experience a compromised judgment system, as well as a complete lack of coordination! Kind of similar to how some people feel when drunk. Some people have actually reported they feel more anxious when using this type of joint. These people are usually beginners, though, so veteran cannabis users probably don’t have to worry!

We would like to note, however, that if you have severe mental health issues, you may risk making them worse by using tarantula joints. The crazy cerebral high may help those with minor mental ailments, but people with intense OCD, anxiety, or schizophrenia may benefit from staying away from the joint altogether. We also don’t recommend using this joint when you’re on prescription medication, as the combination may create unexpected effects.

For some people, smoking a tarantula joint can be difficult (because of how strong they are). There’s nothing wrong with avoiding them, but if you absolutely want or need to try one, we recommend lowering the quantities of each ingredient. Use less concentrate or omit (remove) it completely. Use less weed, or coat the joint in less kief. You’ll still get to experience a strong joint, just not crazy.

Cross Joints

Interestingly enough, a lot of people actually roll two tarantula joints and turn them into a single cross joint. This way it looks like a more realistic spider! If you’re brave enough, try looking into our cross joint tutorials, and add in the various tarantula steps required!

Final Thoughts

Tarantula joints are not for the faint of heart and are certainly not for beginner cannabis users. They’re ridiculously strong, look terrifying, and are typically used in moderation. Be sure to check up on the marijuana legislation in your country or region before trying anything laid out in this article. Illegally using marijuana in any way shape or form subjects you to federal and state punishment. This article is non-intent on being legal advice, nor is it a valid excuse for any violations! We hope this article helped you learn a little bit more about the terrifying tarantula joint!

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