Joint vs Blunt: What’s the Difference?

Joint vs Blunt: What’s the Difference?

Joints vs blunts? Or blunts vs joints? These two types are similar in that they’re both made of cannabis rolled up in rolling papers, but they also have several differences between them. The choice can make a big difference in how you experience the high you get!

What Is A Joint?

A joint is… well, just a type of cannabis cigarette. It consists of placing marijuana on thin paper, rolling it up, and then lighting it on one end to smoke. A joint typically contains cannabis that has been ground up finely so that it will burn nicely when lit. 

What Is a Blunt?

A blunt is similar to a joint in that you’re also rolling it in paper, but it consists of rolling marijuana in tobacco leaf paper instead of your standard thin rolling papers. Most blunts come pre-rolled for convenience — and most dispensaries in Canada and USA actually sell them. However, some people choose to roll their own blunts because they can save money by not purchasing a pre-made product.

A Comparison Between Joints And Blunts

There are two major differences between joints and blunts:

  • The first is that you’re smoking tobacco with a blunt, so if you don’t like that, it might be better to smoke a joint;
  • Secondly, because of the tobacco content in blunts, they typically take longer to smoke than joints. 

However, many people find that this slower burning time makes for a smoother smoking experience. The nicotine in blunts can also make them more relaxing than most other types of marijuana consumption methods. 

The Taste

In terms of taste, both the joint and the blunt are usually rolled with the same type of weed – meaning that one isn’t going to taste noticeably different than another. But when it comes down to what feels best on your throat when you inhale, some prefer a smooth hit from a well-rolled cigarette paper while others enjoy pulling as hard as possible through dryer leaves. 

The Popularity

The majority of people who smoke cannabis prefer joints because they are smaller and easier to carry around with them. Joints provide people with quick relief from anxiety or depression due to the rapid absorption of THC into the bloodstream via inhalation. 

The Experience

Conversely, a person who prefers blunts must inhale deeper and hold their breath longer before exhaling because there are typically no filters like in joints that allow quick absorption. People may find this uncomfortable, especially if they have respiratory problems like asthma. 

What’s Inside?

A blunt is basically just a cigar that has been emptied of tobacco and refilled with cannabis. However, some people roll their blunts with tobacco, as well.  For those that include tobacco in their blunts, it makes them harsher on your throat than joints.

A joint, on the other hand, is typically made with rolling papers and cannabis. Sometimes people also like to add a little wax concentrate to their joints. 

What Are They Made Of?

Joints are usually made from dried leaves, stems, and buds that have been rolled into a cone shape or into a stick with a filter at the end. The most common way to smoke it is by holding it in your hand or rolling it up in a joint paper.

Blunts are made from tobacco leaves that have been rolled up into cigar-like shapes. 

The Looks

A joint will look very thin while a blunt has an even thickness throughout the entire length of it.

There are many different shapes of joints and blunt wraps available these days so you can choose what suits your preferences best.

Blunts Are Better For Group Smoking Sessions

If you’re smoking with friends, then blunts are usually better since they’re larger and last longer. Joints are smaller and better for solo sessions because they don’t contain as much weed as blunts do. 

Blunts sometimes also have tobacco in them, so that could either be a benefit or a downside if you don’t like tobacco smoke or think it tastes bad, but your friends do.  But most people find the flavor of the tobacco to be pleasant, so it’s up to you. 

Size Differences Between Joints And Blunts

The size of your joint will depend on what you are smoking. A joint is typically more compact than a blunt because it contains less weed, which means you’ll have to smoke it more often to get high. On average, joints are 1.5 inches long while blunts are 3.5 inches long. 

When smoked, joints burn for about 10 minutes while blunts burn for around 15 minutes or more. Joints may not look as appealing as blunts, but they can be cut down to any length desired by using any sharp object (e.g., a knife). 

If you plan on sharing your marijuana with someone else, then rolling a joint would be best because they are much easier to roll up than a blunt and doesn’t require as much weed. However, if you’re looking for a long-lasting buzz, then rolling up some blunts would work better.

Final Thoughts

So which one should you smoke? The choice is really up to you – but it is recommended to try both before making any decisions. If you feel like a long smoking session with a bunch of friends, then a blunt may be the better option. If you don’t like the taste of tobacco and only want a short-lived high, then rolling a small joint will be the better option.

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