How Do You Make Your Own Roach Clip?

Roach clip can be a great thing to make — even if you're not an artist.

No one likes burning their fingers when they go to smoke a leftover roach, and making a roach clip is one of the best ways to avoid that from happening. For those that aren’t aware of what roaches or roach clips are, this is for you.

What Is A Roach?

A roach is a term that’s used to describe the tail end of a joint or blunt. The name comes from the fact that the end of a joint looks like the head of a cockroach.

A roach is also called a “roach clip” or “roach bowl”. The clip, which is usually made from metal, holds the marijuana tightly and prevents it from burning up too quickly. When you light up your joint, you’ll notice that it burns slowly and stays lit for a long time. That’s because you’re using a roach clip to hold it together.

The bowl part of the roach is where you put your weed so that you can smoke it. Most people use either aluminum foil or glass pipes to smoke their weed out of.

What Is A Roach Clip?

A roach clip is a tool used to hold the burning end of a marijuana joint or blunt so that you can safely smoke it. There are a wide variety of differen kinds of roach clips available, some of which are designed to hold the roach in place while you inhale, and others that are designed to let go when you take a puff.

Roach clips aren’t just for smoking weed. They can also be used for cigarettes, cigars and even pipes!

The most common type of roach clip is made from metal, with two prongs extending from the body. The prongs pinch around the cigarette or cigar and hold it in place when you’re smoking. When you take a puff, the prongs release so that you can take your hit without burning yourself or wasting any weed.

The purpose of this device is to protect your fingers from burning while holding a joint that’s lit. If you’ve ever smoked a joint until the end before, you’ll know that your fingers tend to get a little hot near the end. This type of thing won’t happen if you’re using a roach clip.

How Do You Make You Own Roach Clip?

These days, you can buy a cheap roach clip online or at any head shop. But it’s not hard to make your own.

Here’s how to make a roach clip at home:

  • Step 1: Take a regular clothespin and remove the spring from it (it should pop out easily).
  • Step 2: Cut off the handle on one side of the clothespin so that you’re left with only two prongs.
  • Step 3: Bend one prong into an L-shape so that it can hold onto the end of your joint or blunt securely without slipping off.

There are also disposable cardboard roach clips available online if you don’t want to bother making them yourself!

Final Thoughts

Using a DIY made roach clip is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to enjoy the last bit of your roach while keeping your fingers safe from burning.

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